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The new business catalogue and business Style Guide 2018!

Begin a new workday perfectly dressed – fitting designs, great patterns and bold colours bring you successfully through every meeting. The new James & Nicholson Business Collection dresses business partners and business ladies in up to 20 colours and sizes up to 6 XL.

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The James & Nicholson Style Guide - a comprehensive advice!

Which collar is suitable for which occasion, which shirt fabric is suitable for jeans or a suit and- most importantly- which is the
perfect cut for my figure, my type, which clothes do I feel well in? You will find an answer to these questions in this Style Guide to
the business collection of James & Nicholson.



Comfort Fit & Classic Fit
•  Normal, classic fit
• Comfortable cut
• Lightly waisted

Modern Fit
Cut with modern silhouette
• Lightly figure-hugging

Slim Fit
• Waisted, figure-hugging cut





• 'The casual'

• Button-down collar shanks are worn buttoned-up

• All-rounder with or without tie

• Can also be combined with sturdy and casual fabrics




• 'The fashionable' with spread collar shanks

• Suitable for thick and medium tie knots




New Kent-Collar

• 'The versatile' is fashionable  as well as classic,a mixture of Kent- and Hai-collar

• Can be worn with or without tie, with a suit,a pullover or just on its own

• Perfect fit thanks to collar stiffeners




• 'The classic'

• Suitable for almost all tie knots

• Can also be worn casually without tie